Our Ethos

Connection is what drives us. To each other, the environment, our community, our past and our future. When we put all this together, we help people make living memories.

Kite is one integrated business with a passion for creating value and enhancing their communities and the lives of those who encounter Kite’s properties.

A New Beginning

Building on our track record of success, we now provide a 360° range of services for the property market.

Over the last 17 years, we have leveraged our knowledge and experience to quickly become Adelaide’s largest apartment developer, and now a developer of master-planned communities, townhouses and hotels.

As leading property specialists, we draw on immeasurable experience and use a systematic approach when you put your property in our care.

At Kite Property, we pride ourselves on personalised service, specialist skills, knowledge and a commitment to ensuring that your property goals are achieved.

Introducing Kite Property

Kite Property has a culture that inspires and develops its team members. Simply put, we are passionate about property.

Our team is driven, passionate and focused on helping people realise their dreams through property. We surround ourselves with passionate and talented people in a creative environment, which educates and empowers our team to deliver industry leading services to the real estate market.