We help people make living memories.

Hello, we’re Kite.

December 14, 2021

Beginning in 2006 as Ironfish Adelaide and launching Starfish Developments in 2011, Kite is now one integrated business with a passion for creating value and enhancing their communities and the lives of those who encounter Kite’s properties.

Over the last 15 years, the business has leveraged its knowledge and experience to quickly become Adelaide’s largest apartment developer, and now a developer of master planned communities, townhouses and hotels.

Kite’s evolution builds on the elements of its strong foundation of being known and respected as one of the state’s most progressive developers, consistently pushing boundaries in advancing diverse communities throughout South Australia.

Building on our track record of success, Kite has extended its services by adding a Traditional Property Sales department to its highly successful Project Sales team. Kite will continue to grow its Property Management business, providing full-circle services to its investor clients. Kite also offers capital services to boutique Adelaide developers through its own AFSL, Kite Capital.

Kite is driven by connection. To each other, the environment, our community, our past and our future. When this is put all together, Kite helps people make living memories.

At Kite, we don’t just want to sell you a house, we want to help you find your home.

Should you have any queries or communication please feel free to contact us at sales@kiteproperty.com.au

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